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Aubrey was just one out of 300,000 that auditioned for AI that season. Aubrey, contestant on American Idol (2018)  Her journey started in September, 2017 with an open audition in Pittsburgh.  From there she traveled to New York City where she sang for the Idol celebrity judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.  There she received a yes from all three judges, a "golden ticket" and heard the words, "You're going to Hollywood" from Luke Bryan.  While in Hollywood Aubrey advanced to the Group Round.  Even though Aubrey's auditions did not make TV she was the face of American Idol throughout the competition and was seen on many commercials for the duration of the season.  In addition to her American Idol journey, Aubrey also had success in 2017 with The Voice where she made it to the executive call-backs, singing for producers in LA, and making it to the Top 100, for Season 13.